Shona Wilkinson Nutrition Ltd has supported our company in numerous ways. From flying Shona out to Dubai to train over 100 pharmacists on our products, to presenting the finer points of Omega 3s at our regular sales reps training events. Shona Wilkinson Nutrition has also checked our product labels for legal conformity, written editorial content, blog articles and researched product protocols for us. She is a true professional and someone we know we can rely on.
Paul Farquhar
Managing Director, Wileys Finest UK Ltd
Shona Wilkinson is a real professional who sees business objectives clearly and is able to tailor the deliverables to both macro and micro objectives. Her knowledge in the supplement industry from legislation to health claims to formula design is next to none. Working with Shona has allowed us to bring onboard a reliable nutrition specialist who can deliver an end-to-end project with minimal input from the stakeholders, which is a massive benefit for start-ups and young businesses. It seemed like there wasn’t anything that Shona could not do, even beyond the regular such as content to filming to interviews she always gave us excellence at every step of the way.
Boris Hodakel
Founder, We Are Feel
Working with Shona for five years I can say that Shona is a leading driver in Nutritional guidance. A leader in Nutritional care Shona also goes out of her way to guide a business in all areas. Working online Shona led the scope and drive for our Nutritional business and gave our digital platform the expertise, and above all the personal one to one experience that all others lacked. A deep knowledge of nutrition and a full idea of a holistic business objective. Shona would be a leading asset for any organisation
Dean Fraser-Phillips
CEO and Board member.
Shona is a professional with a lot of experience. We’ve worked with Shona and her team for a number of years and rely on their industry knowledge to help us with everything from formulating products, label and health claims, overall advice and ongoing support.
Jason Grima
Co-founder, Everly Wellness
Shona combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of nutrition with years of practical application from consultations at her own practice. Her genuine warmth and natural empathy mean that she is able to demystify the subject and make it accessible to any audience. It is these attributes that have made her the nutrition industry ‘go-to’ for the media, being quoted weekly everywhere from the Daily Mail and Hello to BBC Radio, as well as speaking at major industry and consumer events. Someone should really put Shona on TV! She inspires trust in all who meet her, which made her the obvious choice as the face of NutriCentre @Tesco. In addition to the many hundreds of essential blogs and press releases that she produced at lightning speed, Shona’s image was used across NutriCentre@Tescos marketing – having proven in research to be believable and appealing. Beyond Shona’s support in bringing the NutriCentre@Tesco brand to life, she is decisive, highly commercial, a strong leader and a delight to work with.
Mark Robertson
Head of Brand and Communications, NutriCentre@Tesco